Saturday, June 18, 2011

The corny mystery

Do you ever have something that makes you think of God?  A lot of people associate God with nature.  People see God in the sunsets and mountains and thunderstorms.
I love thinking about God in that way, wondering about this being who is beyond my understanding.

I see God in the sunsets, mountains and thunderstorms.
But you know where I really see him/her?
You'll never guess.


When I watch squirrels, I can't help but think of God.

They remind me that God is playful.  When I see a squirrel I can't help but laugh a little at how they bound around and play.  It reminds me that God has a sense of humour, and not in a dark ironic kind of way, but in a playful joyous, giggling school girl kind of way.  Yes, I did just compare God to a giggling school girl.  God is weird...and silly...and kind of...corny.

Our image and understanding of God can be as unique as we are.  But we usually carry around a lot of baggage when it comes to thoughts on theology.  So many people are so certain of who God is, and no one can seem to agree with anyone about it.  Everybody has answers but no one seems to be asking questions anymore.

You'd think that after getting a degree in Religion and years spent contemplating and thinking about God I would have some solid answers.  The truth is the more I learn and understand about God the fewer answers I have.

One of my favourite Professors from college said that after years of education and studying theology he has fewer answers now than ever.  You see I think the more you know God, the less you know of him/her.  The more you know of God the more you realize there is no real way to know God.  In fact if God was able to be fully known, would S/He really be God?  If it were possible for me to understand and figure God out, the being that I believe created this amazingly beautiful and complex world, well...that would be an awfully disappointing experience.  I sure hope God is beyond our human understanding.

God is so mysterious.  That is a part of the beauty.  For me, it's the best part.  :)

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